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Improving performance and effeciency

PRYSME works towards improving its performance and efficiency: - Implementing procedures - Implementing tools permitting PRYSME to better adapt to clients needs


Prysme has adhered to the ACAMAS program.


The goal of this program is to assist small and medium sized companies working for the mechanical industry in adapting and anticipating market changes and in becoming more efficient.


The ACAMAS program was started in 2005 by the Fédération des industries mécanique (FIM) with support from CETIM and the DRIRE.


This program assists companies in better adapting their offer to market changes, reinforces flexibility and competitiveness, and helps in adapting or redefining the company’s activity.

To this day, 700 companies in 17 different regions of France have adhered to this program.


In November 2009, PRYSME adhered to the ACAMAS program which is headed by consultants experts in their fields of competence.

An evaluation of the company’s strategy based on an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses has enabled PRYSME to steer a course for the years to come. Steps are being taken towards improving performance resting on implementation of ‘’Lean Design’’.

The goal of ‘’Lean Design’’ is to reduce development time and costs without affecting PRYSME’s creativeness.


Other steps are also being taken in various fields such as commerce, organisation, follow-up of performance and management.


The ACAMAS program runs over a period of 12 months. On an average of once a month or more, an expert consultant intervenes and works with PRYSME’s teams.


PRYSME’s consultant delegated by the ACAMAS program is Mr. Jean-Pierre DESCHAMPS.



For further information concerning the ACAMAS program -> ACAMAS consultant charter


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